Wednesday, September 16, 2009

..::MaRRiAGe QuOtEs::..

"When you love people, serving them is a pleasure and not a duty"

"A good marriage is never to serene. If you can't argue, shout, laugh
and cry then your partnership is lacking something vital"

"Never be afraid to be vulnerable in front of those you love. They'll love
you even more for showing a little human weakness"

"Be prepared to admit you were wrong is like a great supporting beam in the edifice of marriage"

"You can't be successfully married to another unless you are divorced from yourself"


Cikpid said...
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ciPuding_7 said...

aku suke & setuju quote yg ke 3 tu..
sbb penah jadi kt aku..

..::daria::.. said... poonz..aku pun stuju..:p tp slalunye laki x stuju..huhu

ciPuding_7 said...

baru skali je jadi kt aku..
baru la ada org dtg pujuk..
perkara terpaling susah laki aku nk buat dgn rela..
tp terpaksa dia buat gak..

..::daria::.. said...

dh nama sayang poonz..x rela pun kena wat2 rela..hehehe