Monday, November 24, 2008

..::bEEiNG +Ve::..

it's been almost 11 months i've been staying n working at kuantan..insyaallah i'll be moving to jb as soon as i get new job fact, i'm actively hunting for a job there now..wif God willing, june 2009 i'll be somebody's wife..and settle down at planned before..

but i's juz a matter what we won't work wif willing of God..if our plan doesn't go juz like we hope it to be..doesn't mean dat we fail to work our's juz dat God's plan for us is much better..AMIN.


Cikpid said...

settle down kat johor?emm..good..hehhehe :)aku suke

..::daRia::.. said...

kalo diizinkan Tuhan..
berjiran la kita nnti..:)