Thursday, January 31, 2008

..::Jay Bee I'm Coming!!::..

my dear blog,i juz cant wait to go to jay bee nex wik!!yeay!!i'm going to have fun wif my bee juz as we used to enjoy it b4 i had moved to kuantan..ngee..:D..then, we'll heading to my bee's parents house at kuala slngor..eheh..quite nervous there is kumbg badak in my stomach..small size one..hehe..hopefully everything's gonna be alright..amin..and hopefully also his parents are home dat time since its chinese new year..i'm afraid if they aren't's difficult for me to get long off day again after the same time, my parents wif wany will spending their time @ Melaka Historical City..eheh..bagi can la diorang nak hanimun..:p..
hiii..x sabarnyee nk jumpe en lebah tu..:D
(nak beli tiket sok la!hehe..nanti abis!)