Monday, January 7, 2008

..::i'm HOME::..

mOrNiNg!!'s been a long time i didn't jenguk my blog..:p since i was very busy last 2 weeks..managing all important tasks @ JB before going back to my sux works at office, my house at SP..(is it Sri Pulai? or is it Sri Puteri?)hehe..erm..packing all the barang2 in the house..yg byk gile..smpai terpksa give half to my dear bf..hehe..tq yang..:p jasamu all the bills..(tq once again to my bf, coz dia gak yg bayar)..hehe..baik bf sya ni..sya balik kuantan pun dia follow tau..hehe..(bodek jgn x bodek)..bkl dpt bonus la far, my life here ok..nothing yang pelik2 happen..juz..sumtimes, i feel very empty, coz for one year..since dec 2006, i used to live near to my bf..almost everything, we did together..:( watching great movies at cinema..bukit raja..jucso tebrau..huhu..then almost every nite, we'll have dinner together..back to Shah Alam..our favourite restaurant..ape eh nama..aa..singgahan rasa..medan selera dpn blok 36 x yh ckp la..smpai naik bosan..miza kopitiam..lagi..ish..byk la..kt JB plak..tembaga..lagi2 tembaga..sedap tu skit la..hehe..xde la..ikan kt situ mhl skit..huhuhu..back to reality..:( now i'm alone here..despite having my family all around me, but seriously i am DAMN lonely..maybe coz i used to live wif my friends since 13 years old..till i'm 25! wonder i don have friends here..if ade pun..sume merantau..huhu..but..when i think bout my future plan wif my bee..dat will console my sux feeling..:D ala..ape sgt la living here for one and a half year, compare to after dat sampai tua kerepot live wif my dear future husband kan?kan?kan?hehe..hopefully everything's going to be allright..AMIN..i juz don want to lose him

ha! btw...forgot to tell about my new members in our family.. :D an adorable cute little kitten..named OMEY (donno how to spell actually..)..juz according to how my little sis pronounce it..hehe..very active..super active i think..white..erm..not so white grey a little bit in colour..wif nose, tail, mouth, ears and all his 4 paws, black in cute! like wearing black fact..he is sleeping on my right thigh rite now..herm..alamak..nature call la..:p be rite back..but dono bile..hehe..till then, wassalam.. :)