Sunday, December 9, 2007

..::A Long December::..

a long december..nice song by counting crows..:) n i'm listening to it now..sambil doing my claim 28 yg seems unsettleable (btol ke word ni?haha..bantai je la!)...herm, actually td online ym jap, then tof HI me..bla bla bla sket, then he send me this song..sesuai dgn bulan dec n cuaca ujan di johor katanye..hehe..ape2 je la tof..but dis month will not be a long december to me.. know why? dis might be the last month i'm staying here..huhuhu..i have to go back to my hometown for from unsettleable (once again?hehe) problem..big burden of mine yg nobody will understand except my bee..sorry dear i had put u into a lot of trouble lately... :( u know i dont mean to having problem at my fact..dh anta one month notice dh 1st not staff of BRSB anymore..cukup la keje sini 5 xde keje lain lagi..huhu..still hunting for jobs..actually..berat sgt2 ati nk tinggal my sweet bee sorang2 kt sini..kalo rindu camne?huhu..erm..have to sacrifice all those feelings..for the sake of us..(iklan : ORANG SAYANG AWAK YANG!!!! ) hehe..erm..nak sambung wat keje..kang x siap pulak..btw, im sure my bee tgh sedap tido kt umah skang as ujan lebat gile skang..hehe..