Wednesday, December 26, 2007

..::Don Cry For Me JB..eheh::..

hi my dear blog, it's been a long time x singgah merepek here..hehe..well, today i juz came back to work..after a long long holiday..almost a week..heavenn!! seriously dh lama gile x have such a long break from tiring n exhausting work..hehe..furthermore QS like me..kdg2 Ahad pun kena kije..huhu..erm..las wik was a very fun, exciting and sweet moment for me, my bee and my kazen..hehe..guess what..we were celebrating Idul Adha nun @ the peak of Cameron Highlands..hehe..since all access to Kuantan had been blocked due to my abah didnt encourage me to drive alone to's ok..we were having a very great time at CH..hehe..feel like honeymoon..:p ntah bile lg nk g sana..despite the bengkang-bengkok road, it was very worth it!..spending good times wif my lovely bee n my bengong kazen..PRECIOUS!!

..enuf bout my unforgettable holiday..back to reality..i am now sitting in front of my dear pc..yg setia dgn aku almost 5 months..after dis wonder who will take over to take care of you mr. good eh to ur new owner nanti..jgn wat perangai cm dolu2 suke shut down shut down...bikin gamat dong..hehe..erm..x sampai one wik lg nk tinggalkan en. JB..(BACA : en. JB..bukan NJB tau..hehe) ..ntah bile lg nk trun sini ofkos i will trun since my bee still live in GP..mane bole x jumpa..hehe..windu bangat nanti..hehe..bubbye Budaya Restu..such a great moment i had working wif u..hehe (bad moment lg banyak kot..:p) hehe..wish u all good fortune..k la..lagha dh ni..last word..I LOVE U YANG..:) (iklan)..hehe..muahx!


nur said...

ada orang bodo yang memang bodo...