Wednesday, October 17, 2007

..::Saddest Syawal::.. is the 5th day of Syawal..and here i am, in the malas to do my work yg bertimbun2..herm..everybody in dis office still in the mood for raya i guess..:p dis is my first post for my brand new blog..hehe..never thought to have my own blog but lately, so many problems in my life..kusut!! donno where to curah..i guess dis is the best way need to burden other people to spend their time to hear me bla bla bla..rite?...actually my head very2 kusut rite now..not just becoz lack of money..but also never ending only family..abah, ma, adik , baby and me..small family but BIG problem..huh..1st day of raya, me wif my youngest sis, baby..very berkobar2 to celebrate raya together..we had bought the same colour of baju all time favourite colour..:)..while i was ironing our clothes..i heard my parents quarrelling in the kitchen..huh...not again..i hate dat sound..really hate it..the sound of hate,arguing,scolding,screaming..:(..dis is the 4th year of raya they are fighting in the holy morning of 1st STUPID..why cant they settle it in an adult way instead of screaming, throwing things, maki2 ? dont they have brain? takes only 10 minutes for me to pack all my things, also sempat amik baju2 baby skit, throw all of them in my car, then cabut to maklang's house..after mandi2, go to kubur atuk n nenek..i make a move to JB..leave my hometown in the 1st day of Syawal..i'm sorry baby for leaving u wif maklang and lie to u..someday u'll understand dear why your sis did akak, forgive me for not listening to you..i can't stay longer there..believe's not becoz i hate u's becoz..aahh..u know y kan kak?u are the only one who understand me..:( to my parents, especially abah..i didn't mean to hurt u abah..seriously..this has nothing to do wif u..i know u disappointed wif me..thousand me, i love u my brother, forgive me for not being a good sis to u n just a human..pliz take care of abah n ma my mum, im so sorry for not being a good daughter to u..really hope u appreciate whatever u have now before it's too late..hope u'll change someday..AMIN